Who is 'The Ateljee girl'?

The Ateljee Girl... She is confident and bold, yet playful and humble!

She is smart, authentic and comfortable in admitting her flaws! She is humorous with a touch of mystery! She is happy in her own skin and she dresses for herself, not to please anyone else.

She loves fashion but is not a slave to it. She is slightly toungue-in-cheek, off-beat and rebellious, she is a maverick.

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Trends come and go, but there are certain rhythms and colour trends that repeat every single year – one unofficial rule is that metallics and silvers are reserved for the festive season, but don’t get much airtime beyond New Year’s Day. In 2023 that idea is getting turned on its head.

The silver obsession is also having a significant impact on the accessories world, too. This is perhaps the easiest way to add a touch of silver to your outfits in 2023: one high-shine item, toned down with other basics or more muted pieces.

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